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Brand Story and Copywriting Service

Whether you are just taking your Ecommerce store off the ground or you are looking to expand your operations internationally, connecting on a deeper level with your audience has never been so important. But creating a compelling brand story that resonates with your audience is no easy feat. If you are tired of pouring your heart into building copies that end up falling flat, look no further - the collective of experienced Ecommerce experts at Ecommerce Etc. is here to help.

We can help you build your Ecommerce store from the ground up, create a captivating brand story, and ultimately communicate your value and mission with your audience. Book a call with our experts to get started.

Brand Story and Copywriting Services That Help You Connect With Your Audience

Creating competitive products and building a visually appealing eCommerce store are only two of the building blocks of a successful online business. But, when it comes down to laying the groundwork for long-term success, nothing is as important as building an authentic relationship with your audience.

Our brand storytelling and copywriting services can help you do just so.

Building a compelling brand story that goes beyond filling your “About Us” page can help you connect with your audience and communicate your value. On the other hand, expertly crafted copies will boost your search engine rankings, boost your brand visibility, and ultimately strengthen your online reputation. At Ecommerce Etc., we understand the power of words, and how to use the right message to elevate your brand as a whole - so that you can stand out in an always more crowded Ecommerce landscape.

Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs Brand Story and Copywriting Service

When it comes down to buying products online, crafts, and unique pieces, today’s customers are truly spoiled for choice. So, how will you make your brand stand out?

According to new statistics, over 90% of people believe in the power of brands to connect with them and, even more importantly, they expect brands to connect with them. Working with the experienced team at our brand agency can help create a brand story that enables you to achieve this and more.

Through masterfully crafted copies and ad hoc brand stories, you can:

  • Share with your audience the story of your brand, your motivations, and the unique challenges you’ve overcome
  • Create a more intimate and personal relationship with each user
  • Communicate your brand values, mission, and vision
  • Celebrate together your achievements - especially when it comes to achieving diversity, equality, accessibility, and sustainability goals
  • Inform your users of new product launches, upgrades, promotions, and sales
  • Clarify what sets your brand apart from your competitors

When infused with SEO techniques, brand story, and copywriting services are also key components of your marketing and reputation management strategies.


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How Ecommerce Etc. Help Create and Communicate Your Brand Story

Now that you understand the importance of telling your story and investing in copywriting services, the chances are that you are looking for a company that can bring your vision to reality. That’s where Ecommerce Etc. can help.

Our collective of Ecommerce experts will focus on the unique needs, goals, and budget of your brand to create a tailored brand storytelling and copywriting strategy. When working in partnership with our team, you can access specialised knowledge, unique ideas, and an alternative marketing approach.

Our Services

At Ecommerce Etc., we pride ourselves in being a full-service agency dedicated to helping each client achieve their goals. To do so, we address all aspects involved with building and growing an Ecommerce store, from product photography and copywriting to tailored ads and paid marketing.

Some of the key brand story and copywriting services we offer include: Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Copywriting, B2B copywriting, Email copywriting marketing, UX copywriting, Landing page creation, Press releases, Branding and design, Tagline creation, Product description writing, Keyword research.

Other services we offer include Shopify design and UX, re-platforming, conversion rate optimisation, performance marketing, PPC, merchandising, and product photography.

Frequently asked questions

Our brand story and copywriting services are fully tailored to your needs. Our dedicated professionals will spend time exploring you and your brand to create a strategy that reflects your unique needs. If you are looking to know more about what we can do for you and your Ecommerce store, start by booking a discovery call with us.

At Ecommerce Etc., our goal is to create a package of services around your budget needs. Generally, copy will range between £100 and £300 per page, but we also provide packages and subscriptions that allow you to create a seamless copywriting strategy.
Our team works around the clock to provide a quick turnaround and timely releases. We also create time-sensitive content in advance that allows your brand to remain relevant during events such as Christmas or Easter. However, timelines for the implementation of new content and results may vary. Our team will be able to provide you with detailed estimations at the beginning of our partnership.
Results vary depending on your brand’s goals and chosen metrics. We have been able to boost the conversion rate and site revenue of some of our clients by 47%. However, you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect after discussing your specific goals with a dedicated expert at Ecommerce Etc.